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Maltese Citizenship by Investment Bestowed

First Maltese citizenship by investment bestowed.

November 2014

The first series of investors have been bestowed with Maltese citizenship, and eligible for the attainment of Maltese passport, after having successfully complied with a bespoke citizenship by investment undertaken by the Maltese government.

Under this investment program, citizenship may be bestowed to the main applicant, and his immediate family (spouse, children and direct ascendents), insofar that the following investment criteria are adequately met:

  • The main applicant must contribute EUR 650,000 investment;
  • The spouse and each child below the age of 18 must contribute an investment of EUR 25,000 each. Unmarried children between 18 to 26, and investment of EUR 50,000 and dependent parents over 55 must contribute an investment of EUR 50,000 each.
  • The applicant must maintain a global health insurance policy for all members of his household;
  • The applicant must acquire an immovable property in Malta worth at least EUR 350,000 OR  rent a property for at east EUR 16,000 per annum;
  • The applicant must undertake an investment in bonds / stock / debentures of at least EUR 150,000 (to be held for at least 5 years)

The Maltese authorities are committed to undertake and finalise the due diligence exercise within four (4) months from submission of FULL application.

Applications may only be undertaken via approved accredited agents. Our in-house company, Focus Business Services (Malta) Limited is accredited for such purpose.

The time-frames are as follows:

  1. Internal discussions / vetting;
  2. Submission of complete package (vetting completeness – five (5) days);
  3. Examination of documents (due diligence process – four (4) months);
  4. In principle approval – four (4) months to provide evidence re: submission of all docs e.g. lease / acquisition property;
  5. At any point – after evidence that residence achieved in Malta within previous twelve (12) month period – oath of allegiance / passport

Contact one of our representatives for more information pertaining to the scheme.

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